April 29, 2012

Journey To The West

Alrighty!  A bit back, another project for class required me to come up with a book cover for digital illustration.  Since the only recent book I'd read was Journey To The West, and that book is awesome, that was the one I chose to do.  I did kind of double my workload a little bit--this became not only a book cover project, but also a run in character design, which ended up being a lot more fun and cool in the long run.  Designing Monkey made the whole project worth it.

Looking back though as far as the cover goes, I'd probably pick something different.  Not enough people had read or even heard of Journey To The West to realize that yes, the fan was a kind of weapon, albeit only because it was magical.  I got a lot of feedback about it not being very menacing because of that.  Too funny!

So, here we go: some WIP stuff and the final result.

BTW, the Maya Mudbox app thing...yeah, I was taking a 3D class at that time...and it was...yeah...

Initial composition roughs and ideas taken from different things in the book.

Initial character designing.  Some very different stuff, the settled design on the left.
Start of a render for the character.  Didn't go very far...but still, fun.
Final color design for the character, with the final again being on the left.
Journey To The West The final result.  Photoshop CS5.

--Audrey Greenhalgh


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