April 29, 2012

Journey To The West

Alrighty!  A bit back, another project for class required me to come up with a book cover for digital illustration.  Since the only recent book I'd read was Journey To The West, and that book is awesome, that was the one I chose to do.  I did kind of double my workload a little bit--this became not only a book cover project, but also a run in character design, which ended up being a lot more fun and cool in the long run.  Designing Monkey made the whole project worth it.

Looking back though as far as the cover goes, I'd probably pick something different.  Not enough people had read or even heard of Journey To The West to realize that yes, the fan was a kind of weapon, albeit only because it was magical.  I got a lot of feedback about it not being very menacing because of that.  Too funny!

So, here we go: some WIP stuff and the final result.

BTW, the Maya Mudbox app thing...yeah, I was taking a 3D class at that time...and it was...yeah...

Initial composition roughs and ideas taken from different things in the book.

Initial character designing.  Some very different stuff, the settled design on the left.
Start of a render for the character.  Didn't go very far...but still, fun.
Final color design for the character, with the final again being on the left.
Journey To The West The final result.  Photoshop CS5.

--Audrey Greenhalgh



Okay, so for an assignment, we had to do something horror, and I'm pretty sure that specifically, we were instructed to do up some zombies.  Why?  Because zombies have been THE thing for horror for two years now it seems.  Any who, here's my zombie picture.  I had so much fun with this one!  Nothing like dead gut spray.

Oh, and for those curious, my dear friend/model for this image has hers and our other classmates put up on her blog here:

Oh My Sketch!

So you know, check it out. ;3

--Audrey Greenhalgh


This Is Halloween

...okay, not really, it's April.  But when I did these images it was Halloween.  There's nothing more inspiring than a holiday to get you drawing (well, there is, but not in the context of this post), and no holiday is cooler than Halloween.  I was wanting to strengthen my portfolio with some environments, and I also wanted to do some witches, as well as test out some new brushes.  So, here they are!

Witch Digital Paint, Photoshop CS4

Pumpkin City Digital Paint, Photoshop CS5

April 25, 2012

Mermaid Sushi is good for you!

Alrighty, today I have a good evolution of imagery for you!  This started as a painting in a painting class I took in college my Junior year--we were supposed to do something that imitated another painter, and I chose my all time favorite, Alphonse Mucha.  He's just too awesome not to!  So after deciding on that, I settled on a Mermaid made into sushi.  That was the easy part.  Let's just say that my painting skills were terrible that year.

Well, a year and a half later, I remade the image for a digital illustration class, with much more satisfying results.  Below is the WIP for the painting and the final result in digital illustration.

And who knows? I may touch it up again sometime--I personally want a t-shirt of it. :3

Original WIP for Mermaid sushi.  Rough, rough with color.  I then drew out the details and projected it onto a canvas, resulting in the painting on the end there.  It looks terrible.
Second pass prep for Mermaid sushi.  Image was scanned in and outlined.  Color corrections were made to be better matched to Alphonse Mucha's style.
Final product:  Digital Illustration made in Photoshop CS5.

April 23, 2012

Delicious or Torture?

So, I made this series of illustrations that I like to call food torture. :3  These are all a mixed media of pen, prismacolor pencils, markers, and acrylic paint. I based all of them off a color scheme, and went from there!  Enjoy!

Aaaa! Medium: Prismacolor Pencil, pen, and marker
Poor Onion Soup Medium: Prismacolor Pencil, pen, and marker
Sacrifice Medium: Prismacolor Pencil, pen, and Acrylic Paint
Saute Medium: Prismacolor Pencil, Pen, and Marker
High Velocity Splatter Medium: Prismacolor Pencil, Pen, and Marker
Graveyard Medium: Prismacolor Pencil, Pen, and Marker

Nightmare Comic Character Sheets

Hey guys!  Here's some character sheets for the Nightmare comic below. :3  There's color overlays, and then the expression underneath.

  Color Overlay;  Medium:  Pencil, Pen, Prismacolor Pencil

April 21, 2012

Some sketchy work

Some fun drawings.  Nothing like designing and drawing some fun characters!

 Medium:  Pencil, Pen, and Prismacolor pencils

 Medium:  Pencil, Pen, Prismacolor pencils
 Medium:  Pencil, Pen, Prismacolor pencils, Acrylic Paint
Medium:  Pencil, Pen, Prismacolor markers

Some Traditional work

Here's some work from a little while back--some figures done in conte crayon and charcoal.  Fun stuff.  Horribly messy, but the fun things in life usually are.

Medium:  Charcoal on Newsprint

Medium:  Conte Crayon on Newsprint

Medium:  Conte Crayon on textured paper

Medium:  Conte Crayon on Newsprint

Hansel and Gretal

Yeah, another post.  With a self contained manga!  If I were better at making strips actually, I'd probably do more of them with these two.

                                                       Medium: Sakura markers and Pencil, zip tone

And because I forgot to mention in my last post, those pages were done in pencil and Sakura Markers as well, but the zip tone was digital whereas the ziptone in this image was an actual sheet of zip tone.

--Audrey Greenhalgh

Nightmare Manga

 So, I thought we'd start a little bit old, and work our way up.

This is a manga I'd done up, which I temporarily have named Nightmare.  One day I'd like to finish it, but that day will be probably a long time in the future!

Behold! I have art! Who'd have thought?

So here we are everyone--the start of my blog.  Why now, so far into this day and age, do I choose to have one?  Because let's be honest, portfolios are an online deal nowadays.  A blog can give insight into a person without ever having to step foot into an office.

And it's easier to update and maintain than my old site was on GoDaddy.  I'm sorry GoDaddy--we tried, we had some good times and a few laughs, but it's time to move on!

So, over the course of the next few days and hopefully the days beyond, I will be adding some fun things for your eyes' enjoyment.

I guess until then, I can answer some things about me.  I'm an illustrator, and a mother.  Which means I have no life.  I am fond of the occasional video game I get to play lately, my favorites being tactical RPGs such as Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics.  I tend to listen to Nine Inch Nails, Judge Judy, Nostalgia Critic...that sort of thing while I'm working.  I enjoy anime, animation in general actually.  Summer Wars everyone:  Go watch!

Materials I work with have been leaning more digital lately.  Photoshop CS4 is the tool of choice, but I'm still pretty handy with pencil, paper, and Prismacolors, and I'm getting a bit decent with Copic markers as well.

And...that's about it there for now!  Keep an eye out!  I'll have more soon!

--Audrey Greenhalgh

PS--I have DA accounts!  And they will probably be listed at the end of every post.  Feel free to check them out!